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Re: [IP] Letting go ? for parents......


 That is soo great .. do not get me wrong my mom and I had to go though quite 
of few "mom I will be fine" and even when I moved out of my house at 19 yrs 
old my mom would call and tell me I could not go out because of the snow .. 
we laugh at this now .. my mom and I still talk every day and I live about 2 
miles from them .. and yes we talk about my diabetes .. I have recently run 
into my body rejecting my insulin doses and high BG I have had the pump 10 
yrs and I still get scared and am quick to call my mom .. she is supportive 
but tell me "you know what to do " she is my reminding board .. but I am 
responsible for me .. Bravo to you having you daughter go to camp ... My mom 
told just last yr the first time she took me to Clara Barton Camp I did not 
want to go and thought she was mean ... she turned with my dad and they cried 
all the way to the car .. without looking back .. that was the best thing she 
could have done for me .. I then became a counselor there for 5 yrs .. it was 
a great experience ... 

 Thank you oh and by the way I still like my mom to rub my head when I get 
sick ... Julie 
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