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[IP] Re: Letting go ? for parents and diabetics

>Mom can try to understand but can she fully understand a Low in the middle >of the night ?

Well, since I am not a parent I wasn't offended by your comments about
letting go of your kids :-)  One thing tho, related to your above
comment. Since, like your mom, I am not diabetic, I also probably cannot
fully understand how a low feels, especially in the middle of the
night.  However, being the person who witnesses the middle of the night
low can be a pretty awful experience too. I don't know if it is the same
for all diabetics when they go low, but when Shane used to have the
REALLY horrible lows, he had no memory of it after, and had trouble
understanding why I was so upset. (but I was unable to sleep the rest of
the night)  My doc said that in the middle of the night, non-diabetics
also tend to have "lower" BGs which reduces our ability to cope, and
that sure doesn't help...]
Anyway, also not meaning to offend, insult, belittle, etc. Just thought
I would point out that lows can be horrible for everyone involved.
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