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[IP] RE:Type 2

<<If these measures do not solve the 
problem then the person becomes insulin dependent and must obtain 
insulin by other means (shots, csii, inhaler, etc...).>>

Clarification point:
The Type 2 individual becomes "insulin requiring". The type relates to 
underlying cause of DM. Insulin dependent is reserved for Type 1. Many Type 
2s continue to make some insulin as evidenced by the formation of C-peptide, 
even though they may not be making enough to meet their metabolic needs. I 
know this is a confusing point, especially for many physicians, and also, in 
much of the contemporary literature. 
There is also some evidence (not sure if it is all theory), that the drugs 
that stimulate insulin secretion eventually exhaust the beta cells leading 
the Type 2 individual to require insulin. 
Barbara B.
(hoping I haven't added more confusion) 

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