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Re: Subject: Re: [IP] Letting go ? for parents and

Ruth took the words right out off my keyboard! If you
take a look at these posts, I think you'll find most
of the kids who are in their teens are quite
independent. They lean on their parents when they need
to. The posts from parents who are managing the
child's diabetes;pump therapy are of children who are
preschool to middle school, pre-teens. Letting go is a
process if your child is Diabetic or not, and all kids
are different, and they all handle things at different
times. Some kids are ready to drive at 15, some (like
my brother who is 33) aren't ready 'til later. I don't
mean to sound too defensive, but I'm sure I'm not the
only parent who struggles with the process of letting
go. I let go a little bit every day; somedays he's
ready and takes the reins, some days he hands the
reins back to me. I appreciate your perspective, and I
hope I can teach my son to be as independent as you
are today. 


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