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[IP] contemplations on diabetes

hi everyone . . .OK, I'll admit it. I'm procrastinating.  I should really be 
working nonstop on my homework here, but somehow reading and posting to the 
list is much more interesting than studying for my history test.  But I was 
just wondering if any of you would have a difficult time deciding whether or 
not you would go back to the day you were diagnosed and erase diabetes from 
your life.  Maybe this sounds like an insane question: after all who would 
actually want to put up with all the problems and frustrations of high and 
low blood sugars, or the constant possibility of complications or whatever.  
Not me.  Then again, my mother seems to be convinced that I became diabetic 
for a reason.  While I'm not sure about this, I have definately noticed that 
I appreciate just about everything more than I used to. I don't get as 
frustrated with people and I care about them more.  The thought also occurs 
to me that I've met several great people I never would have if I was 
"healthy." I'd be really interested to hear people's thoughts on this, and 
to hear the differences, if any, between people who have D and parents of 
kids with D.  Because I know my mother would prefer to have her "healthy" if 
slightly less compassionate daughter back!  (well, maybe not :)  I don't 
think I feel the same way though.  well, enough rambling out of me. Just 
chalk it up to too much stress and too little sleep.  --gianna

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