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Re: [IP] Basal levels & exercise?

  My afternoon
>basal level is 0.2u/hr.  At that level, I don't have much head room
>to work with to drop the basal!!!  I set it for a temp of 0.1u/hr,
>and went for a two hour ride (about 8 miles round trip - small for
>my normal rides, but my daughter is young).  I ate about 28-30 grams
>of carbo on the ride - and still was low when we got home (~40)!!!

  Kevin-- why don't you suspend the pump all together? I'm assuming you 
didn't bolus for the extra carbs you ate? When I exercise, I suspend or set 
my pump to a basal rate of 0.0 U for the duration of the exercise, and if 
I'm eating anything beforehand I take only half of my normal bolus. This 
seems to work perfectly for me, i.e. this morning I took a six mile walk 
right after breakfast.  Suspended pump for entire walk and bolused half of 
my usual amount for english muffin and apple. BG before walk was 78 (a 
little low for my morning number, so I had to be especially careful) and 
right after walk was 80.  Didn't crash later either.  wonder if this could 
help you? --Gianna

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