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[IP] All is Well

Hello all,

Just wanted to share my thoughts since I went "live" on the pump yesterday
morning. (I actually started a week-and-a-half ago on saline, but started
with insulin yesterday.)

So far, I couldn't be happier. The insertions have gone extremely smooth
(well, except for the fact that I passed out cold when I put my first
sof-set in for the saline trial -- chalk it up to the length of the needle,
etc. Since I "came to" on the floor (!), I even have the goose-egg on my
head to prove this actually happened! Fortunately, none of that fainting
business has re-occurred, so I can laugh at myself for being so squeamish).

Thanks to all the list members who have given me ideas and thoughts on what
works best for them. I also wanted to thank the staff at Joslin for their
tremendous support and knowledge. I am grateful to have such a competent
team of professionals and list members on "my side."

Best regards,


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