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Re: [IP] Having to pee...

In a message dated 10/23/99 3:01:49 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Does anyone else wake up having to pee when they're low, >>

Yes, has been true for years.  Also, if I get up in the morning and need to 
urinate a lot, my blood sugar is normal or below, whereas if it is high, I 
hardly urinate at all.  I think the doctors may not believe me when I tell 
them that (I'm in the midst of another doubt about the doctor thing, my 
current endo is not very helpful about much of anything, and I think part of 
the problem is that she only pays attention to things she has already learned 
to pay attention to -- but I know I have mentioned it to at least one other 
endo and gotten the same lack of interest)  My latest microalbumin was 
"unable to calculate because the analyte is below the limit of detection", 
but was that because the total volume was twice normal?

Linda Zottoli
dx1955 at age 8
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