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Re: [IP] Letting go ? for parents and diabetics

>  I knew you would be the first to respond ... and like I said I was not
> stating this to offend just wondered how all felt about this


first of all, I was NOT offended at all.   this list is very enlightening
and we glean what we can from everyone's opinion.

I just was thinking of alot of parents who are still terrified themselves of
this new technology...and letting go of their children at THIS point in time
is very threatening.

in geneva's (and ours)  situation....

I tend to be more 'independency inducing' with my kids than most.  both my
kids attended overnight camps at age 7...geneva had just been dx'd.  this
was not a regular camp either.  she does all diabetes care by herself and
has for the last couple of years.    I just load syringes because it takes
time and I find that I can do it when I am not in the mood for housechores.
I also look at her logs and make basal decisions.  she doesn't have a clue!

the part about testing at night:

this is just an area that has me concerned.  we never tested in middle of
night with shots.  I just assumed she was ok.  with the pump...since she can
go so high ...it is a bit unnerving.

re:  overnights

I agree, that most of these kids who have been pumping for a few months are
prob. ready to do it.  as long as there is a telephone nearby...no problem.
if basals are pretty much ok ...why not?

so, keep those cards and letters coming.  this subject is sensitive and I am
sure has alot of parents wondering.  you have opened up a can of proverbial
worms, julie....


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