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Re: [IP] IIs and height

> As I understand it, IIs produce some insulin, but not enough for
> their needs. 
>  I guess at 6'7" he may have been producing enough for someone 5'7"?

There are several variations of type 2 that for the purposes of this 
question fall into 2 catagories.

Those who have become very insulin resistant and are unable to 
produce enough insulin naturally and those whose pancreas's have 
"worn" out and can not produce adequate insulin even if the insulin 
resistance is only moderate. In both cases, drugs to improve insulin 
sensitivity and stimulate insulin production will help, particularly 
if the individual loses weight so that there is more insulin 
available per unit of body mass. If these measures do not solve the 
problem then the person becomes insulin dependent and must obtain 
insulin by other means (shots, csii, inhaler, etc...). In any case, 
bigger people usually have bigger organs. In almost all cases (except 
for the heart), the organ size compensates for the difference in size 
of the person -- and there is always excess capacity anyway. In the 
case of the heart and very tall people, even a bigger heart has 
difficulty with the additional pressure gradient due to height. This 
leads to premature heart failure in some people (like the big 
basketball players) simply due to constant stress on the heart and 
circulatory system.
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