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Re: [IP] Letting go ? for parents and diabetics

Hi Ruth <

 I knew you would be the first to respond ... and like I said I was not 
stating this to offend just wondered how all felt about this ... just wanted 
to see the perspective of the diabetic. I DO commend the parents as well as 
my parents for being there ... but I just wanted to be the devils advocate on 
what kind of view as a CHILD myself with diabetes and how I viewed my Mom and 
Dad ... to this day my dad still thinks I should live at home ... this causes 
some conflict between us .. I feel suffocated a lot of times .. but for my 
mom who taught me how to be on my own .. I have great respect ... I did not 
say this was easy and that what I am saying applies to all ... just wanted to 
hear what people had to say :-) Julie 
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