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[IP] Having to pee...

actually, my body has discovered that the best way to get me out of bed at
night is to activate my bladder....  often this is how i find out i'm low
(cause i'm stumbling into doorways as i head to the bathroom....)  i'm now
to the point where anytime i wake up in the middle of the night with
nightmares (sometimes a symptom of lows) or needing to pee, i check my
blood sugar...)  this is how i discovered that my blood sugar was doing
crazy dances at night, as i tried to control my dawn phenomenon while
still on MDI...  Does anyone else wake up having to pee when they're low,
or is it just my weird body that came up with that reaction....?  (granted
i think it's a pretty good one... if i get out of bed and walk around i'm
much more likely to notice my regular symptoms of hypoglycemia....)


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted
NOTE!  NEW NUMBER!!!!!!!!!  -----> (617) 491-7935

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