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Re: [IP] Could be dangerous

> Summer's pump alarmed last night.  She'd fallen asleep in my bed. 
> In a sleepy haze I ignored it, thinking it was one of her weird toys
> going off.  Finally I woke up.  She never did.   What if it had been
> a no-delivery.  What if she'd been in her own bed and probably slept
> thru it.  I wouldn't have heard it from another room.  Now I'm
> afraid to let her sleep alone! 

You are overeacting. She would probably eventually wake up high, 
feeling crummy and grumpy AND needing to pee.

from an earlier post on the subject:

You need three conditions for DKA, usually you only get two.

1) high bg's
2) ketones
3) dehydration

The third is hard to get unless you're sick to start with or have had
a really bad day at something or other....

By the time you get 1) and 2) you usually will have to wake up and go
pee which is the SIGNAL to check your bg's.
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