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Re: [IP] Sauna s

> For what it's worth, my doctor tells me that exposure to heat
> (sauna, steam) accelerates the absorption of fast-acting insulin. 
> I'm not yet on the pump, but he's advised me to wait until at least
> 2 hours post-injection containing R or Humalog before taking a
> sauna/steam and simply to be aware of it.  I uses a steam shower
> frequently and have had no issues using this approach.  Don't know
> how this translates into strategy for a pump user, but thought I'd
> mention it.
The reasoning is the same, if not more important with pump use. 
Insulin is continuously pooled at the infusion site and will absorb 
rapidly upon exposure to heat. The heat can be from an external 
source or generated by increased circulation due to exercise and the 
body heating up the skin to cool itself off.
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