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[IP] Sand and waking up

Although I suspect I'm a little bit older than most of the people with sand
in the pump problems, I play in sand quite a bit (I work with little kids)
and have had problems with it as well.  My pump started to give me a lot of
weird "No delivery" alarms and beeped randomly without showing an alarm.  I
called MM and the answer I got was 1. I probably got sand stuck in the
drive block (just one grain would be enough to make it unhappy) and 2. I
might have "sticky" buttons 3. they wanted to check out Jude.  So I sent in
Jude, and still have a "loaner", although I should be getting back mine
soon.  To keep sand out of my pump I've started 1. wearing a baby sock over
my pump (making sure that it covers the hole where the resovior goes in).
I have some pretty cool socks, my favorite being a "Winnie-the-Pooh" (but I
have seen more boyish ones).  The MM guy said this was better than the
leather case because it covers the hole a lot better.  2. I was told if I
did get some sand in there, when I changed the resiovor the next time I
could put a VERY SMALL amount of rubbing alcohol on the little brush MM
sends you with the batteries to clean of the lead screw.  The evaporation
helps with cleaning it off, or something like that.  You should not do this
every time, but it helps to do occassionally.  Also no matter what, you
don't want to put on oil or lubricants because it makes more dirt stick to
the lead screw (once upon a time, MM recommended the oil thing until the
engineers who look at the sent back pumps discovered what was happening).  

For the most part I'm excellent at waking up for alarms my pump gives me
(even the low battery I once got at 3 am).  However, once this summer I was
exhausted and just slept through it going off... for 5 hours (it started
going off less than an hour after I went to bed).  I woke up having to pee,
bad.  I had run out of insulin.  While this makes me a little nervous, I
still know my body will wake me up if something is really wrong.  It might
not be the best philosophy, but it lets me sleep.  Maybe ask your child to
wake you up if she has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (if
you don't think he/she would notice something is wrong with the pump, or
check their bg).

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