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[IP] Re: burning sensation

>Also Matt was
>having a burning sensation when
>giving a "larger" bolus, 5 units.  Is what he's
>feeling burning, or perhaps
>sensation?  HELP?????????
We have also had this happen. Ryan sometimes will his
a "nerve" an area where the set is really bothersome.
If its REALLY bad, he'll do it over right away.
although after 7 mos, he kind of knows where those
"bad spots" are. Maybe the cannula on the micros is
not long enough to get into the fattier subcu tissue?
unfortunately, this kind of thing is trial and error.
We have never had to use any kind of numbing, but Ryan
finds that closing his eyes and saying "its not gonna
hurt, its not gonna hurt...." over and over keeps the
"ouchies" away.  Also, if 6hr pp his bg is going down,
you may want to keep an eye on his basal at whatever
time of day that happened. 6 hrs seems a long time for
a bolus to still be "working", its probably the basal
(or exercise). Although Ryan's humalog seems to take
3-3.5 hrs to run its course (even though the endo
swears it only takes 2)  Hope everything continues to
-Rae, mom of Ryan, 12, dx 12/22/92, pumping since 3/99


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