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[IP] pump/internet adventures

Hi all!

	I know it's been a while since this group has heard from me.  It is GREAT
to see this list thriving the way it has.  And may I extend a BIG welcome to
all the new members & new pumpers as well!  To Ryan, Jamie, Gianna, Ian...
great to see so many faces that I know personally!  :)  The purpose of this
post is to share a story about pumps, and the strength of the internet in
making the world a better place, and about *living LIFE!* with diabetes.
Perhaps some of you are still around who remember the trip that my husband
and I took to southern Africa last year??  It was one of the most phenomenal
experiences(!), all as a direct result of living with diabetes, and made
SOOoo simple thanks to my insulin pump!  My husband and I stayed with & were
embraced by the wonderful family of a diabetic friend who lives in South
Africa... a friend whom I had "met" via the internet and the disease that we
all share.  This summer was my chance to reciprocate - that friend came to
the states, worked the summer at the Joslin camp nearby, learned SOOoo much
about diabetes management, spent his time off & after camp with us, and just
after camp, thanks to the generosity of MiniMed and a few strings pulled (my
sister works for the company),... Ian began using an insulin pump! :)

	Before he went home, we had lots of adventures - including that Hot Fudge
Sundae with Gianna (did she tell you how funny we all looked as we sat
intently studying the icecream, adding up the carbs, "paging someone on our
beepers" *lol* before passionately leaping in spoon-first!)  Gianna... let's
think up another reason for a sundae celebration!! - SOOoon! ;)  And then
there was the Arizona trip!  I had the honor of presenting (about diabetes
management) at a national conference in Phoenix last month.  My sister (also
a pumper) and Ian met me out there afterwards, and we hiked the Grand
Canyon!  "Three Pumpers in a Canyon"... it was such an exhilarating
adventure(!) &   The exercise physiologist in the group talked all the way
down about what a great chance to practice temp basals with exercise, and
HEAT(!), and yada-yada...  My sister and Ian were SO thankful that I
couldn't talk on the way back up... I was short of breath from the
combination of altitude and exertion!  *lol*  Just because you're full of
hot air most of the time, means NOTHING on that climb back up!  ;)

	By the time Ian left our shores (just 2 wks ago), he looked and felt so
much better thanks to good diabetes management, a LOT of knowledge and a
little insulin pump.  He goes home as one of the first South Africans on a
pump... and he hopes to assist MiniMed in opening the South African diabetes
care market to insulin pumps, so that others have this choice and this
chance.  Ian has joined this list as well, by the way.  The ironic part
about all this is that I am still struggling at the hospital where I work to
educate medical professionals about the benefits of pump therapy.  We STILL
don't have an endo or a primary in our hospital who initiates pump therapy.
The pump support group that I facilitated for 2+yrs is no longer allowed to
be "advertised" as such, because the interest was SO great that diabetics
were leaving their docs and finding the ones that DID support pump therapy!
As it should be.  Anyway, forgive the tirade on "politics".  Gianna - I DO
have a vital role in mind for you, if you are willing.... let's talk & I'll
fill you in.  Moral of the story I suppose, if "local" doesn't work - think
"GLOBAL"!  *grin*

Happy pumping all!
Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE
Clinical Exercise Physiologist & Certified Diabetes Educator
MM507 since 11/97, DX: Type 1 1983
"Sharing The World of Diabetes"

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