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[IP] hypoglycemic unawareness

Over several years I have struggled with little or no awareness when my BG 
drops, to the point that when I'm really trying to get something done at work 
or home, it may reach the point that I need help.  My wife has had to call 
the ambulance a few times this year.  The problem is confounded because I can 
function quite well with BG in the 20's.  Obviously the right answer is to 
control things so it doesn't drop that low, and my endo and I have been 
trying.  I generally test seven times a day, and try to do a lot more on days 
with unusual schedules.
Does anyone know of any clinics or groups that teach glucose awareness 
classes, I've found a few on the web, but if they were closer to the midwest 
that would really help?  Has anyone had any experience with such a class and 
could you share it? 

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