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Re: [IP] Alarm ? on MM507

At 11:30 PM 10/22/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I just received some advice from my friend Delaine.  She said to check my
>auto-off screen and see if I have that set to a time, sure enough the screen
>said 1 hour!!  So that is why the pump has been beeping at me every hour on
>the hour for the last 48 hours!!!  I changed the screen to the lines -- and
>it has stopped!!  Thanks for your help and everyone else's!!  I really feel
>stupid now, but see I am a blonde so that may account for this too!!

Don't feel bad... that's the way we learn. Nothing wrong with making 
mistakes... it's not learning from your mistakes that's painful. I've made 
every mistake in the book and lived to tell the tale. So, just relax and 
treat this as a learning experience. You'll get there.


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