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[IP] Letting go ? for parents and diabetics

 \My name is Julie I am a 27 yr old female and diabetic since I was 8 yrs old 
... I am a bit curious and hope I do not offend .. I think it is great how 
involved you are with you children and getting to know the pump .. though at 
times I see a lot of parents changing the pump for their children and if an 
alarm goes off fixing it .. I was wondering do you children ever get a chance 
to try ?? to learn how they feel or is just how mom or dad feels ??  Where is 
their independence?  

 Now  please understand I am just wondering .. I say this because  at the 
beginning my mom was the same .. and I love her for that .. BUT  if my mom 
did not let me try or do things on my own .. or sleep in my own bed or go to 
sleep overs .. I would never be the independent woman I am today ...

Yes I have had set backs ... yes I have had no deliveries that I slept though 
and woke up not feeling well .. What did I learn? not to let my pump run to 
low on insulin .. to be aware of the signs .. the alarms ... 

 I also found when mom was not watching and telling me what to eat I wanted 
to try everything .. this is the negative side .. mom took a while to let go 
of her little girl I made mistakes from that but it became my responsibility 
....this is not easy 

I commend you efforts I am just wondering how the Children with Diabetes 
feels ,,, yes I wanted my mom there but I also needed to become my own person 
... to be Julie  ,,, Mom can try to understand but can she fully understand a 
Low in the middle of the night ? I feel she cannot  can mom really  know what 
a High blood sugar feels like ?  I love her for being there but I also am 
glad she learned early for me to face my own music ...  the result ,,,,,

 I am an interpreter for the deaf through out CT  I have my own apartment 
since I was 19 and live alone .. I am my own person .. like I said please do 
not take offense just I am concerned that if children with diabetes gets 
everything done for them  how will they stand on their own two feet ... 
Common you old time diabetics anyone agree with me ? 
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