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Re: [IP] two hour post snack for matt

> Ruth, Matt's numbers after snack were...........112 2hr pp, then 2 more
> 109...
> 2 mr 71!  is this what you mean????????  what would you have done?

well, unless matt was exercising heavily...or his basals are set too high..
I would fudge around with the carb ratio.  maybe bring it higher by 0.1.
i.e.:  now   1 unit to cover 20 carbs

change to:    1 unit to cover 21 or 22 carbs.

it could be his basals also.  did you do a fast for this time?  if you are
sure that the basals are ok...then I would maybe pursue the carb ratio.

whenever I see a big dip in geneva's levels about two hours after
eating...unless she has been exercising...I would adjust the carb ratio.

we use 140 for a target for 2 hour post prandial.

good luck..

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