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Re: [IP] Pump start disaster- Thanks for support-long again

In a message dated 10/22/99 2:37:52 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Applying IV3000 first?  Meaning before insertion?  And then you insert 
the tape?

Yes, tape first, then insert through it.  When I use silhouettes I insert 
through tegaderm.  I have had bent cannulas with the softsets which were 
probably from it coming out a little and then getting pushed back in, and at 
least once it was so bent that insulin couldn't go through (and blood sugar 
spiked).  The sofsets stick better to the tape than to my skin, and this has 
not happened when I put the tape on first.  With the silhouette, without the 
tape I tend to get red and sometimes pussy sites, and I think it is from 
irritation at the insertion point from movement.  When I insert through tape, 
there is no pump bump at all.  YMMV, I wouldn't bother unless I were having a 

Linda Zottoli
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