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Re: [IP] funny definitions of food....

In a message dated 10/22/99 1:01:15 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< does anyone else out there have a funny definition of food?  my
 boyfriend has pointed out that when i say, "i want food" or "i need food"
 i am not referring to a steak, but to something that will raise my blood
 sugar... it could be anything, ice cream, milk, whatever, so long as its
 got significant carbs.....  i think this is a little odd... but it is an
 accurate observation... anyone else do something like this? >>

I've been known to snuggle up against my husband and say, "I need something 
to eat" when I'm low. He's learned that when I do that, it means I'm low and 
can't figure out what to do or what I want to eat.

This evening, I was at my grandchildren's school carnival and tested low. I 
went over to the bake sale table, fumbling for my wallet and saying, "I need 
sugar." The woman told me I needed tickets. I kept saying, "I need sugar" and 
she kept repeating that she couldn't take money -- she needed tickets. Well, 
I couldn't figure out how to get tickets. Wobbled away, bumped into a 
neighbor (PTA president) and told her I needed some sugar. She pulled a strip 
of tickets out of her pocket. I got a cupcake, ate the icing off of it. When 
I recovered (took more than that cupcake, too!), I went back to apologize to 
the woman at the bake sale table and educate her a bit. Turns out she knew I 
was hypo, but insisted she could only take tickets. I told her that when it 
came to a medical emergency or tickets, to choose the medical emergency -- I 
would have brought her the #$&*(# tickets later. But she still didn't budge. 
Does anybody have any common sense any more?

Jan (who had candy in her purse and didn't remember that)
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