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>  Caitlyn just saw her Pediatrician (who happens to run the diabetes
> clinic for Kaiser in Martinez), and I think I may have won him over!
>  We spoke at length about what it takes to have an insulin pump, and
> thanks to all of you and what I have learned through this group, he
> truly believes that I know what it will take to have my 4 1/2 year
> old daughter on a pump!  He told me to call him after Caitlyn's
> clinic appt w/her endo,  I think he wants to plead my case with them
> if they say no! He told me that he thinks it would be best to use
> diluted insulin.  Does anybody else out there use diluted insulin? 
> Explain to me how it works with the pump?  Regardless, we are one
> step closer to pumping, YEAH!

Not usually unless the child is VERY young or still honeymooning. 
Basal rates can be set to zero for a portion of the day if necessary. 
There is a 2 year old in Redwood City that uses diluted insulin and, 
of course, the baby in Germany. The diluetent (sp) is difficult to 
get simply because it is rarely used.

How many units a day does Caitlyn presently use?

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