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[IP] re: alarm on MM507

 I have a 507c, luckily no alarms on my saline pump.
I've had my pump almost 4 months (man i wish it was
easy by now!) but I do get a lot of alarms myself.
Luckily all while I'm awake, but many late at night
which keep me up later. My pump likes anonymous "No
Delivery" Alarms, i've run out of patience, never had
a low reservoir or anything and usually just press SEL
and ACT even w/o moving and then rebolus and have no
prob...my pump is definitely sensitive. I wasjust told
watch it if I keep getting so many it might be a pump
 I haven't gotten to the point that I find my "clicks"
comforting, in fact they seem rather annoying. And
sometimes just so weird I try to ignore them but some
boluses are so quick and some are done in ten seconds,
even though I thought it took like 35sec for a unit,
but I figure oh well.
 Hopefully your 508 won't be too sensitive. Good luck!

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