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Re: [IP] Alarm ? on MM507

At 01:28 PM 10/22/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I think my tubing is the problem.  The alarm seems to be going off during the
>night while I am sleeping (I am laying on top of the tubing or it gets
>tangled when I toss and turn) or when it gets caught in the waistband of the
>pants or jeans I am wearing.  I could just have a "sensitive" loaner pump
>though too, who knows!!  If the tubing being messed up could set off an alarm
>then I hope that is why this pump won't shut up!!  It is just a loaner though
>thank god!! I hope to have more luck with my 508 when I start in December.

I have never had my pump alarm go off at night... but maybe I'm just lucky. 
I just toss the pump under a pillow and that's it. I toss and turn a bit, 
but nothing seems to crimp bad enough to cause any problems. It seems like 
something else is wrong here... is there someplace you can call for help?


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