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[IP] re: Getting involved..Gianna

 There was no real way, it was just something that
happened. I never went to support groups for ten
years, I started going this past spring when I was
having rough times with diabetes. I only found support
groups for adults and primarily type 2...all geared
towards changing their lifestyles. I heard of a kid's
group and went there, and sort of became a mentor
there, in that I was too old, but I knew different
things b/c I'd had it so long, that and I was the only
one not seeing a "local" endocrinologist..not that
they see local ones, just they go i guess it's north,
and i go south. Anyhow I met the ADA district director
at that first meeting. I knew nothing about her, she
seemed to like me. A month later I got an invitation
to attend a meeting for community members about
starting a Board of Directors Program for our City and
County..her email was on it. I emailed her that I
couldn't go and mentioned that we had met, and somehow
or the other she wrote back and said of course she
remembered me and that she'd been talking about me to
a bunch of people. The Real board had a meeting in
July, and that meeting I was able to attend. I guess
things have evolved since then, I am now the teen
leader for a Board of Directors. I met the director of
programs from teh ADA the other night and she pointed
out, the age gap once again..invited me to a halloween
party (for 1-12 yr olds, no thanks) but said now she
realized, they do nothing for teens. The ada rep whom
I like so much is helping with the teen group, has
gotten us places to meet and I think discounts, and i
help her with volunteer stuff I guess. It wasn't
something intended to happen. We had our 2nd meeting
of the teen group last Saturday, she mentiond the
professional education program, which we had discussed
at a board of directors meeting. I asked her some
questions about it..mind you, my local doctors were
NOT there, they do not care. But she kknows everything
I've dealt with and the local care and my points
against it and asked me to speak. She took me to the
meeting and that's what happened. She invited me to go
to the mid atlantic region volunteer leadership
conference in hopes of encouraging other districts to
get teens involved. There are other things like the
petition for the ADA, i was on her walk team, and then
she decided we needed another team for us "youth" so i
am the captain of that. She wants to get a story in
teh local paper about the teen walk team. SHe has
asked me several times to write some stuff that she
can put in teh paper about me and diabetes, said I
didn't have to and I never erally answered her, not
sure that I want to call attention to myself like
that. However, she was there when the pediatrician
came up..>I am seriously considering doing exactly
what he said..just stopping by and talking. I have
been so frustrated lately, no one wants to change
insulin. I made my own changes earlier when I ate
nothing since yesterday, I was consistently 200 and
then I dropped, so for now I hope that tides me over.
I plan to forget it this weekend, hoping that the lows
and highs I've been having just give me a few days
off. Sorry but lows now are worse than on shots b/c
they make me feel crappy for so much longer. The ada
lady was also surprised how open I am about my
pump...and a common question I ask people involved in
diabetes..what made you become involved? she told me a
friend of hers had diabetes in kindergarten and since
then she knew she wanted to...Also, she is there to
help me and I know it. She told me the other day about
the probs i've been having that she can get in touch
with help for me in an emergency situation even if
it's not my own doctor, someone who met me and will
just remind him it's Amy, so.... (i'm getting a name
for myself, and i'm not afraid to tell them how it
really is:-)
 Amy (who is going to sleep a long time tonight!)

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