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[IP] 2nd Full Day Pumping!

Today is the 2nd full day pumping.  Matt needed his set changed already, his 
#'s were not responding to insulin bolused, and it was getting sore, only 
40hrs after insertion.  Although he was due for a sight change today anyway, 
they want us to change every other day in the beginning, we just had to 
change it 5hrs earlier than planned, so far so good, thanks to my 14yr old 
non d son, he's a big help, insertion was successful and Matt is already 
responding to correction bolus!  Funny thing is, his #'s were excellent all 
night long, highest # being 122, how can the site all of the sudden not 
absorb correctly?  Does it just happen?  Oh well, hope things cont to go 
well, how could they not after first day disaster right?  All i can say is 
that after such good numbers all night, lying in bed next to him this 
morning, i quietly heard the "click" of his basal..........and simply 
smiled............yes pump!

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