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Re: [IP] Alarm ? on MM507

At 11:36 AM 10/22/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I am using a Mini Med 507 with saline for a few days as a "practice" pump
>session.  I am wondering if I am doing this right when the alarm goes off:
>I press SEL and the screen blinks, then I press ACT.

If the alarm goes off and all you see is a date, then you've cleared it 
properly. My question is, however, why are you getting alarms?? I do get 
them, but they are rare. The most common reason I get an alarm is when I 
run out of juice (insulin)... then I get the dreaded NO DELIVERY alarm. I 
clear it, then put the pump into SUSPEND while I change the set & 
reservoir. The reason I use SUSPEND is that it prevents all those annoying 
NO DELIVERY alarms from constantly going off while I'm changing (sets, that 

Once in awhile I'll get a chirp when it is low on batteries... otherwise it 
just clicks along, happy as a clam. (Does anyone have a clue about how 
happy clams really are?)



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