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[IP] nighttime basals

> also would like information on how to carb for soups,chili and
> salads . we eat a lot of grilled chicken salads in my house.

when I cook, I make sure we separate most things out that have carbs in it
for geneva.  salads are great..you can bolus for the beans or rice or pasta

otherwises we look at our carb counting book.  it is pretty reliable.

>2 units for every 15 grams just did the math Is this how it is
> done


go to the insulin pumpers website ...tons of helpful hints on figuring out
your carb ratio. (and setting basals, etc)

we have found that since pumping...geneva has totally different carb ratio.
in fact...she has 3 separate ones for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

you will get it soon!


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