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Re: [IP] two hour post snack for matt

> Hi Ruth,
> l was just wondering if your son then goes high about 3 to 4 hours after
> eating that snack? usually she goes high when she goes to sleep.  this is
why the discussion has been about setting a 'temp basal' for higher than her
normal 0.5.

but..granted...I know food is involved because she eats nonstop after school
and some of the food that she consumes is prob. high in fat.  granola bars,
junk food, etc.

> it has happened
> that way twice so now l'm going to watch for awile,

we should be keeping records about what snacks they consume because
sometimes the answer will pop out.

it is trial and error, that is for sure.

 l don't know how
> comfortable l am doing the dual bolus.

dual wave is not scary.  we do it with pizza all of the time.  and with high
glycemic index cereals.  (the sugary ones)  but instead of doing the dual
wave...we bolus for the actual food, and then set a temp basal for 0.1 -0.3
(again...trial and error)...HIGHER than her normal basal for three to four
hours.   we do this because the dual wave freezes the pump and if geneva
wants to continue eating later, she has to suspend the pump,  bolus for the
new food item and then RESET the dual wave and subtract whatever insulin she
has already received.  a pain in the neck!!!

I am going to try doing what I did last night.  I am going to grit my teeth
and bear with her high numbers  (unless in 300's)   and just see what
happens in the morning.  if she comes down to a nice number, like this
am...I will assume then that her high numbers were food related. ( and then
we will have to work on this aspect) if not...then I will attempt the
fasting basal test and we will be armed with sugar free jello!

I still see somewhat of a problem with the 'going to sleep and numbers
rising' phenomenon.  debbie,  this is kind of a reverse dawn
phenomenon...instead of it happening in the early am....geneva excretes
growth hormones ( or whatever the heck happens!)    as soon as she falls
asleep.  she needs a whole lot of insulin at this time.  then...she tends to
almost crash right after at around 1 am.


more later.


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