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Re: [IP] nighttime basals

dear ruth , Again the new kid on the block (of understanding and taking 
control) i dont understand what you guys are talking about  when you say 
your checking thru the night and setting new basals or temp basals or the 
sleep phen. also would like information on how to carb for soups,chili and 
salads . we eat a lot of grilled chicken salads in my house. for regular 
meals i have always looked at the information found the carbs abd since my 
set ratio is 2 units for every 15 grams just did the math Is this how it is 
done?? or do you guys have a different way to calculate?? Dumb questions 
that your daughter could probally answer but im getting smarter cause now i 
have found my own book of knowledge on the net,and am smart enough to ask my 
dumb questions and be assured that i will get lots of good advise by those 
who have lived it ..........thanks  DEB

>From: "Ruth Schneider" <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] nighttime basals
>Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 08:22:58 -0700
>last night I did something different with geneva's night time basals.
>usually we either do a temp basal when she hits the pillow, or I will
>arbitrarily take a number out of the hat to go with for this rough period
>between 8 and 1 am.  within reason...
>in either case, I will test at midnight and correct or at 2 am and
>correct...and then hope that it wasn't too much.  since her numbers have
>consistently been in the mid to high 200's,  I keep her target on the high
>side..around 140-150.  depending on the 'temp basal' that we have
>set...sometimes she wakes up fine...
>so, last night,  she tested at 8 pm because she felt low.  it appears that
>she always feels low around this time. (carb ratio?  we eat around 6 pm)
>she panics,  treats, and then I am chasing highs at 9 and 10.
>she was 85.  gave her one lifesaver, to bring her up 20 points.  in half an
>hour...she was up to 155!  we left it alone.
>8 pm    85   treat with 4 carbs
>8:30 pm    155
>12 midnight   270   do NOTHING
>wake up    125!
>she was on a 0.5 basal from mid afternoon up until 9 pm  .
>9 pm until 1 am   1.0 basal
>1 am until 4 am    0.3
>4 am until wakeup   0.5
>so...I am wondering if all this time I have been fudging around with these
>high numbers when in essence I should just ignore them?  is it food related
>highs that are hitting her at bedtime?  or is it really this sleep
>phenomenon that lily  (michael's daughter) experiences?  I guess I can
>answer this myself.  it all boils down to doing a fasting basal test at
>night.   was going to try this weekend.  will see how geneva feels.  thanks
>for the sugar free jello ideas, folks.
>I know that we have seen something occur as soon as she falls asleep.  the
>numbers just instantaneously jump about 100 points. as you can see above,
>she went from 155 - 270 in three hours.  unless this was caused by a bean
>and cheese burrito.
>just thinking out loud here...
>mom to 10 1/2 yr. old geneva, pumping since june.
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