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On 21 Oct 99 at 12:18, email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 10/21/99 10:13:22 AM EST, email @ redacted writes:
> > If they're obnoxious don't change the lancet until after you test their 
> bg... 
> > 
> >  and if asked why you changed after the test instead of before just reply 
> "I 
> >  know where I've been..." 
> I think this is a hideous idea.  Blood on needles going into another person's
> body is NOT something to joke about.

The key here is the person who didn't want to 1) get a meter, 2) get strips, 3) 
learn how to test themselves, or even 4) "bother with this stuff" and was 
coming back on a frequent basis to use my supplies and equipment.  I don't 
recommend this approach for strangers but for people who are around every day 
it is a bit rough but it helps "open their eyes" to the need to take care of 

End of story - that afternoon the person I had told that to went and got 
themselves a meter...   and I now keep a "spare meter" (one of the extras that 
I've accumulated) handy so if someone wants their bg tested because they don't 
have a meter available I just give them the new meter...  and now I'm down to 
just having two AccuCheck Advantages on my shelf...  

I'm sure others have encountered people who want us to test their bg 
frequently when they should be doing it themselves...  and strong annoyances 
sometimes take strong responses...  but you are right about it being an idea 
that provokes a strong "avoidance" reaction.  Just handing them a new meter 
kit and saying "Here.  Do it yourself" is much, much more rewarding...
Randall P. Winchester
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