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[IP] birth control pill

>I have seen the ads, but question if it is ok to take birth control pills,
>general, for us?  You always hear those disclaimers...do not use if you are 
>over 35, smoke or if you have a chronic illness like diabetes...check with 
>your doc yada yada yada...
hey there...i've been diabetic for close to 15 years and for the past 6
years have been on birth control. my doctor has no problem with it as long
as my cholesteral and blood pressure are normal (but those are side affects
even non diabetics can get from the pill)   i love the pill. went on it for
cramps...and now i won't go off till the need for babies comes along :)

>I have a chronic illness, and I may or may not be over 35, depending on if 
>you believe my lies, but I don't smoke.  Will they be covered as
>meds?  what if my insurance doesnt cover birth control?  Can I get a 
>dermatologist to prescibe them, or does the gyno have to do it?

some insurances cover the pill, some don't. mine doesn't, but i got an
insurance called Fem Script that takes care of some of the cost, and to me
the cost is worth it.  a gyno has to perscribe it because you have to have
regular paps when you're on the pill.


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