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Re: [IP] Tricare, Silohettes, and a beautiful MDI Free World


Which Tricare region are you in?  When we were in the Tricare Heartland 
region we were able to order directly from Tricare and MM billed Tricare.  We 
just moved this past July, so maybe it's changed since then, but knowing how 
slow the military healthcare cogs turn, I doubt it.

We're now in the Tricare West region and like you we've been getting the run 
around on where we can get our pump supplies.  I was also given a bunch of 
numbers.  The first two were to pharmacies in Omaha, we live in Grand Forks, 
ND, and they had no idea what I was talking about.  I finally found someone 
on the third call who did know something about all of this and proceeded to 
take my order.  Now...two days later I get a call from the Tricare rep who 
said that the pharmacy I ordered from wasn't approved on their plan.  This 
was a pharmacy that Tricare gave me the number to!!!  I was to call another 
pharmacy (all of these are long distance calls to NE) and order from them.  

Eventually I had supplies from both pharmacies show up, I had to package up 
the one and send it back.  What a fiasco.  The funny thing is now they are 
both approved to order from and I'll get supplies from both.  Only one will 
supply the Accu-Check Comfort Curve strips.  The other won't since Tricare 
doesn't reimburse them enough to make it worth their while.

I'm glad you like the Sils.  At least it's nice to know that you can use 
either.  The introducer needle is pretty intimidating, I agree.  We're 
waiting for the Micros we ordered to show up.  Maybe our daughter will be 
able to use them, although we've been happy with the Sils, once we figured 
out how to keep them stuck to her!

I don't mean to sound like I'm whining, (even though I am :-)).  I'm thankful 
that Tricare paid for 85% of Lauren's pump.  We thought we were going to have 
to pay for the entire thing ourselves.

We'll have to keep each other posted on what's going on with Tricare.  

Take Care,
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