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[IP] Tricare, Silohettes, and a beautiful MDI Free World

I know everyone has their own special problems that are unique with their 
insurance companies...  But Tricare has pulled the final straw in breaking 
that good ole camels back.  I called the supplier yesterday that usually 
sends me my infusion sets, "oh sorry," they tell me, "we don't accept Tricare 
anymore."  Okay so I call Tricare and they give me 4 numbers of supplier that 
accept Tricare, First one I call is a Fax number, second one I call no longer 
accepts Tricare either, and the last two don't carry Insulin Pump supplies.  
So I call back today, and they give me 3 more numbers, all whom which have 
either gone out of business or guess what...  No longer accept Tricare...  So 
now here I am an avid Soft Set, to chicken to use Silhouettes, kinda person 
with one soft set left and my pump screaming No Delivery!!!!  No Delivery!!!! 
 Cause guess what the reservoir is out of insulin...  So I bite the bullet 
and fish one of those silhouettes out of the back of the closet (luckily when 
they sent me the pump they sent a box of silhouettes with it) because if this 
is my last soft set I don't want to use it if I can use the silhouettes, just 
until I get some more infusion sets...  Umm Guess what, it was easy and I 
think I am going to switch now cause I have no fear anymore.  So now 
hopefully Tricare can pull their heads out of an unpleasant place and get me 
a supplier, since for some reason they will not go directly through Mini Med, 
otherwise here I will sit with a pump I cannot afford to maintain, and my 
beautiful MDI free world will be shattered :-).
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