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Re: [IP] zits

My gyn said that yes, it is ok as long as you go with a "low dose" brand
(don't really know what that means), and in the first month you watch you
bg's carefully and try to keep things as close to your "normal" routine as
possible (to eliminate variables)...some people get nauscious, some people
get headaches, some people gain weight, some lose it...i am on lo-estrine to
help with cramps and heavy bleeding, and it also helped with achne a
little...no side effects and my bg's only rise the week of my period when
the hormone pills are replaced by iron pills(this particular brand does it,
others have different hormone combinations throughout the month), don't know
why this is but have been told it's natural.  anyway, if you're under
relatively good control and your endo doesn't have a problem with it i say
go for it.

just my 2 cents-Julie

>I have seen the ads, but question if it is ok to take birth control pills,
>general, for us?  You always hear those disclaimers...do not use if you are
>over 35, smoke or if you have a chronic illness like diabetes...check with
>your doc yada yada yada...
>I have a chronic illness, and I may or may not be over 35, depending on if
>you believe my lies, but I don't smoke.  Will they be covered as
>meds?  what if my insurance doesnt cover birth control?  Can I get a
>dermatologist to prescibe them, or does the gyno have to do it?
>Not that I NEED birth control...the only way I am gonna get pregnant is if
>there is a second immaculate conception, but the point being, I don't
>NEED birth control, so is it a good idea to put all these excess chemicals
>my body for vanity's sake?  These aren't your normal zits either...more
>mosquito bites - always in the exact same spot. very wierd
>Sara the zitty, bitter, bumpy biter - say that 10 times fast whn your bg is
>under 75!
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml