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[IP] Pump start disaster- Thanks for support-long again

Thanks all for your support on Matt's pump start day disaster. Yesterday the 
new pump arrived by 12:30 and my husband and i used emla cream to numb site, 
and did the entire process ourselves after only having the one bad experience 
on pump training day. We took our time, and insertion was perfect! No pain, 
yahoo!  All is well, although i was jumping out of my skin because of nerves. 
 Until about 1.5 hrs into new insertion........unexplained high b/g 379 
corrected with 2.0 bolus, 1 hr later 380!  Ok, time to troubleshoot.  My 14yr 
old son quickly discovered about 2" of air in the line!  So of course i call 
mm and they advice me to change out the whole set. My husband and i think of 
another way, and hope were right, we removed resovoir and pushed the air out! 
 Re primed and yahoo air was gone, of course insulin was wasted, but site was 
fine.  Today was ok although the new micro felt to Matt as if it  
were coming out, finally by the end of recess at school, the tape was loose 
enough for me to see it actually was pulling out, not knowing which is the 
correct and safe way to handle this, i put it back in place, noticing that 
there was no redness or irritation underneath tape or around cannula, so i 
retape edges of tape, and numbers have been great since!  Tomorrow will be 
set change day.  Tonight Matt had a large bedtime snack, 2 chocolate chip 
cookies and chocolate milk, 81 to start bolus 3.0, 1 hr later  83, 2 hrs 
later 112!  This is PUMPING!  Thanks all! Any advice on how to keep the new 
micros in place................gladly accepted!

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