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Re: [IP] new pumpers and keeping food records

I log in BG's, carb grams, normal carb bolus, square wave carb bolus, dual wave carb bolus amount over normal bolus, time span for dual and square wave bolus, and bolus for high BG adjustment.  This is logged on one page for each day with enough pages to last one month in a log book that fits into my Accu-Chek  meter case.
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Subject: [IP] new pumpers and keeping food records

wondering if you are writing down all carbs eaten  or just the foods that you eat.
I am getting lazy when it comes to writing in the amount of carbs per meal for G.  
just putting in what she ate...so I know if she had something suspicious like steak, or pizza or beans.
I do put in what she boluses for correction.
what are y'all doin'?