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[IP] email @ redacted

This message pertains to those of you who belong to the list that is
associated with the above email address.

All of us volunteers for the Insulin Pumpers list would most greatly
appreciate it if you would only post messages to one list in an email.
In other words if your message applies to both list, please copy and
paste the message and send it separately.  The reason for the request is
that we, the volunteers, are receiving a ton of bounced messages because
people from the other list must be selecting "reply all" and if they are
not members of this list than we get the message back as a bounced
message.  This causes time on our part for we must do research before we
just delete the message.  In addition we've been sending messages to
individual people asking them not to do this.  It may sound petty and we
apologize for that.  Please try to realize that this list is kept alive
by volunteers and it would just make our jobs easier if all of you could
help us in any way.  By not posting to more than one list at a time
would greatly help us.

Thank you very much,
One of the IP Admin Volunteers

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