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[IP] dancing with the pump

Pat wrote:
>she was dancing on the dance floor and all of a sudden, her pump 
> fell out of her bra, and was dangling with the tubing looking like a 
> white snake moving around from the black lights.  

LOL - happened to me too several times.  When I go out dancing, I DANCE...and 
I used to have the pump fall off every time...remember that crappy plastic 
thing they called a clip? Not like the current pager style clip, but a molded 
plastic thing. It would get so stretched out going over jeans and belts, that 
when I put on tights and a skirt, it would just fly right off...I got in the 
habit of just sticking it in my tights and/or underwear...until the night it 
slid all the way down my tights while I was dancing...I am grabbing at my 
crotch, then at my thigh, then my knee.  kept trying to "discreetly" get that 
sucker back up, cuz I was dancing with a hottie and didn't want to tell him i 
needed to go adjust myself...Finally I just had to give up and go to the 
ladies room and fix it...that night I just threaded it down my sleeve and 
held it in my hand the rest of the night, which got in the way of grabbing at 
the hottie, but I am sure it is just as well....

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