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[IP] Al Gore

Hi.  One of the benefits of living in NH is that we get to see most of the 
people running for president.  As such, I have received and invitation to an 
"evening with Al Gore".  I asked if he will be taking questions, and the 
local HQ guy didn't know.  I asked if I could bring Stephen, and he said ok, 
but be aware they might give me a hard time because they only want registered 
voters.  Then he encouraged me to bring him anyway.  So, if I get the chance, 
I will ask him to become a diabetes advocate and ask the NIH to increase 
diabetes funding.  I plan on doing the same with Bill Bradley, when the 
chance arises.  My husband is a Republican, so he gets invited to meet all 
the republican candidates.  He just received one for a "family bbq" with 
Steve Forbes.  So my goal for this primary election year is to ask as many 
candidates as possible to get the NIH to at least double their current 
funding for diabetes research, if not match the funding per person as is 
given to other diseases.  Wish me (us) luck.
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