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[IP] Infections-heed the warnings

    I have been pumping for 9 months now and the lessons continue.  I 
consider myself to be fairly careful and clean yet recently have paid more 
attention to the the whole insertion process, watching for itching and 
infection, etc. 
    A month ago I was quite stressed, preparing our home to be put on the 
market, scrubbing floors, packing boxes, crawling in and out of closets,etc.  
My legs were sore as I flew to our moving destination.  I felt a bit itchy 
and the evening of my flight my knee became swollen, red and hot.  I was 
under a time constraint and spent two days frantically searching for a new 
home for my family. By the end of the second day I could hardly move my leg 
and had my father bring me to the emergency room.  I was immediately admitted 
with cellulitis-a staph infection, and put on IV antibiotics.  The ER Dr. 
told me about "carpet layer's syndrome" and assumed I contracted the 
infection by working my knees too hard.  I almost let it go too long, and 
luckily the antibiotics took care of it.  After 4 days (of training all of 
the hospital staff on the use of an insulin pump) I was released early in 
order to catch a flight home and was put on two weeks of oral antibiotics. My 
knee was sore for a good long time and a bit deformed looking.  I am finally 
feeling back to normal and watching my sites and any cuts or wounds 
carefully.  I've heard for years how much more susceptible to infection I am 
because of my diabetes, yet a wake up call has made me heed the warning and 
I'll listen to my body more carefully from now on.
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