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Re: [IP] pneumonia shot questions

In a message dated 10/21/99 2:39:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I have had pneumonia a couple of times now so I am probably going to get
 the shot for it this year, as I would hate to get it and then give it to
 Shane. Got a couple of questions for others who have had this done:
 -Any adverse reaction to it? (fever, aches, swelling, etc)
 -can it be given in conjunction with the flu shot, or do they have to be
 done separately (maybe even with a few days waiting period between)
 -How long is it good for? someone told me that it could last several
 years or longer, which I find hard to believe.

        I just got my pneumonia shot yesterday.  So far just a teeny bit 
sore.  Nothing like the swelling and such that I had from the flu shot.  You 
sure can get them at the same time and in fact most people do.  I had my flu 
shot from my son's pediatrician (cause he won't let me go without and he 
thinks I won't make my appointment in time...lol!  He knows me tooooo well!) 
and my pneumonia shot was done by our endo.  My son and I both have diabetes 
and asthma, and have both had pneumonia several times each so we're not going 
to look for trouble this year.  We were told that the shot is good for 5 
years!  Not too bad, huh?  Hope this info helps!
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