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[IP] Recess and nothing to do with IP

> they have three recesses per day.  one after lunch for half and
> > hour and two 15 min. ones  in am and before school lets out.
> WOW!  Jessica is in 2nd grade and all they get is a 15 minute recess in
> morning

I would complain, complain, complain!!!
geneva's school is the top elem. school in her district  (according to the
sat scores...grain of salt here..)  and is considered pretty challlenging.
parents are all into the math/science/computer thing.  so...it goes to show
ya.  she is also in fifth grade.

I understand that in asia...the kids play really hard for hour to hour and a
half and then work real hard for hour or so.  they alternate...and that is
why they do so well.

not to get on a recess tangent...sorry about this.


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