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Re: [IP] also checking basals..help!

l read your message about eating after a certain time, the little sugar free
jello cups work real well for my 12 year old daughter.
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From: Ruth Schneider <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: Thursday, October 21, 1999 10:37 AM
Subject: [IP] also checking basals..help!

>hi, spencer's mom!
>well, I think that getting the middle of nights would be best to start with
>as there is no food going on ...or activity.  that makes complete sense.
>I think I am going to try and work on geneva's 8 pm -12 am because we STILL
>haven't gotten it yet.  I think this is going to require her NOT eating
>after a certain time.
>anyone have a suggestion as to what time should be the latest that she eats
>also...if she just can't make it without something..what can she eat that
>totally free and won't mess up the basal testing?
>obviously not cheese...
>> >I decided to do some basal testing on Spencer and I
>> started with the night time, 12AM
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send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml