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[IP] Recess

they have three recesses per day.  one after lunch for half and
> hour and two 15 min. ones  in am and before school lets out.

WOW!  Jessica is in 2nd grade and all they get is a 15 minute recess in the
morning.  3rd grade is the same, and 4th grade only gets a 20 minute recess
on Friday afternoons...nothing the rest of the week.  They are using the
time for a TAAS study course.  Another thing parents are banding together to
complain about.  After all, these are still KIDS!!  Some of the more
outspoken 4th graders have gotten together a petition and have students and
teachers signing it to get their recess back.  Not sure where all this is
going to go, but it's interesting.

Mom of Jessica, age 7, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1 year and Jarred, 9,
and deprived of recess.

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