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Re: [IP] setting temp basals at night and growth hormones

> How's it going with Geneva? Eve did this for a week, (200+) all night and
> next morning, but last two nights she has been lower



we are now back to low numbers again!  two nights ago  (and I predicted
this)...I set her temp basal to 1.4 (from 1.0-1.2 in the past)...and
whammo...she was 75 at 2 am.  this happened again last night even after I
reduced the TB  a bit more.
her school time basal is back down to 0.3 this time instead of the 0.5 that
we had going for several days.  friday night I am going to try a night time
fast.  although I can't guarantee this will work on my ten year old.

now, I know that she is somewhat ok from dinner until 8 pm at a 0.5 basal.
(she is mostly this basal all day)...when 8 pm rolls around, and she begins
to come down to her 100 number that she targeted for at a 5-6 pm dinner ,
she sometimes will treat this.  I have got to intervene and insist that she
just let this number go until at least 9 pm so we can see what is happening.

night time is just so hard.  we are dealing with lots of food from dinner.
(her largest meal)  dessert/snack/whatever.   no activity.  it doesn't help
for getting this time slot right.

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