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Re: [IP] more on flu shots

Just wondering...how many of you get bad reactions to the flu shot?  I have
been getting them for the past few years, and so far, they have worked, but
when I get the shot I have a horrible skin reaction.  My arm gets bright
hot, and solid (for lack of a better word....

I just got my flu shot on Tuesday.  I have been a diabetic for 20 years and
getting the flu shot for as long as I can remember.  the only reaction I get
to the shot, is some flu symptoms.  I run a slight fever and feel achey for
a day or so then I am fine, however, this flu shot I didn't get any of that.
I couldn't raise my arm, about two inches around where the needle went in
was very red and puffy.  I called the doc and was told this was normal.  I
don't understand that cuz in the past I never had that happen.  then I found
out my best friend got his flu shot at his work and he described the same
reaction I had.  we are just wondering if we had some reaction to some new
strain of the flu that was included in the shot.  we aren't docs, but we can

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