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On 13 Oct 99 at 20:36, email @ redacted wrote:

> I personally can't stand the smell of onions, do not like the looks of snails
> or any other slimy things that people choose to eat. But, I don't ask my
> dinner companions to go eat these things in the bathroom because they make me
> nauseous. I just don't watch, so I ask all you blood nauseous people to do the
> same thing, don't watch.

You mean I could have asked the people at the next table who were scarfing down 
those raw oysters to go eat in the bathroom because the smell and sight of them 
cracking them and eating them was making me sick?  I'll remember this one!  

To continue whipping the dead horse... What matters is how comfortable you are 
in testing your bg.  If you know someone is "weak" then take appropriate action 
so you won't be "in their face" when you test.  If you're comfortable hiding 
in the toilet then go ahead.  Just don't demand that I join you! 

I'm also left-handed  - and was told by a Muslim aquaintance that he was 
offended when he saw me pick up a donut out of the box with my left hand... but 
I'm not going to try to eat with my right hand because then I end up getting 
food all over me...  

You choose to act however you wish - but some good guidlines are don't seek to 
offend (stay "out of their face") and don't make a big show or production of 
either testing, bolusing or even taking a shot.  For the few moments of any of 
those activities just blend into the background, don't make any sudden 
movements, and don't look like you are trying to hide.  If you want to protect 
others by taking "extreme measures" go ahead and I won't be critical.  I will 
be critical if you demand that I take "extreme measures"... 

Where is that t-shirt slogan we had a while back????

Randall P. Winchester
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* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
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